Tests and Fees

We offer a variety of tests needed for admission to some college programs and for enrollment in classes. Some tests charge a fee as stated under each test listed below. Once paid, we cannot refund a fee, but you can reschedule a test if needed for up to two years.

BC nursing students practice on a dummy in the lab.

  • ACCUPLACER for English
  • ALEKS for math

We offer these tests online in our test center, or students may take them remotely (off-campus).

Currently, we offer all on-campus testing by appointment only. Use the button below to request an on-campus test appointment.

Cost: Your first English and math placement test is offered at no cost to you.

  • The college charges a $15 retest fee for each additional time you request to retake a test.
  • The ALEKS math placement process requires you to set up an account.
    • Your account stays active for one-year.
    • If your account expires, you must pay a $21 fee to reset your account and take the ALEKS test one additional time. Additional tests require payment of a $15 retest fee.

Click Here to Request English and Math Placement and to Ask for a Test Appointment

This test is available for students who wish to take advanced composition courses such as ENGL& 235, 271 and 201 without taking English 101.

Email testing@bellevuecollege.edu for online options. You must use your BC email and provide your ctcLink ID number in your email.

Cost: $21 (nonrefundable once paid) per test

The math department developed this option based on the final exams given for specific math courses. You can use this option to improve your ALEKS placement.

Email testing@bellevuecollege.edu for online options. You must use your BC email and provide your ctcLink ID number in your email.

Cost: $15 (nonrefundable once paid) per test

You may take the ACCUPLACER Writing Essay exam if your program requires it to meet admission requirements.

To prepare for this exam go to WRITEPLACER EXAMPLES [PDF].

To access this exam you must email the office at testing@bellevuecollege.edu. In the Subject line put: Writeplacer Exam. Include your full name and ctcLink student ID number in the body of the email, and write: “I need the Writeplacer for the {indicate the program name} program” 

Cost: $21 per test (nonrefundable once paid)

Retest Options:

  • The Nursing program requires a one-week wait before you can retake the exam.
  •  For other programs you must wait six months for a second and each additional attempt.

This test is required for admission to the Associate Degree Nursing Program.

  • You take this test online.
    • Create your account and register at atitesting.com.
    • Select Bellevue College TEAS, as your institution.

Important note regarding TEAS testing with accommodations. To use an approved accommodation set up through the BC Disability Resource Center (DRC) for the TEAS test, you must select a Bellevue College administered Test Date Session. TEAS cannot apply your accommodation if you do not do this. You must select Bellevue College TEAS as your institution so we can apply the accommodation.

Cost: $115 per test

Retest options:  No wait time, and no limit on retests. You must pay the full fee each time you take the test.

Bellevue College provides limited hours of in-person GED testing. Create an account on GED.com and search the dates/locations to see our availability. You pay at the time of scheduling.

Students can choose to take the GED online. Use this link for information and instructions: Official Online GED Test.  You must have the required technology and have scored “Likely to Pass” on a GED® Ready test (official practice test) in the subject area in the last 60 days.

CHEM& 161 has two prerequisites: MATH& 141 (precalculus) and preparatory chemistry. The chemistry prerequisite is satisfied by 1) completion of CHEM& 140 with a C or better, or 2) cleared by submitting a prerequisite verification if a preparatory chemistry course is completed at another college. For all other cases, a placement exam is provided. 

Students are encouraged to review the content of the Chemistry Placement Test. A list of topics, practice exam, and the placement exam itself is available on the Chemistry Department website: 
CHEM& 161 Placement Exam and Practice Material

If you do not think your chemistry skills are ready for CHEM& 161 you are encouraged to first enroll for CHEM& 140 before continuing into CHEM& 161.