Peer to Peer Course Design Project

The Peer to Peer Course Design Review Project using Canvas, is an opportunity for faculty to participate in a meaningful review of their course. The faculty member and a peer reviewer utilize a quality course design rubric to support self-reflection and course improvement. Read the Peer to Peer Course Design Project FAQs, on how you can become a Course Reviewer or to get your Course Reviewed.

Cidi Labs

To assist with the Design process, we will be also launching a tool called Cidi Labs. Cidi Labs is an optional tool. Canvas designs will not be affected by Cidi Labs installation.

Cidi labs can be used to improve the Canvas experience for students with improved course design, accessibility, course readiness tracking and file management.‚Äč To get started, review the short trainings offered on the Cidi labs website.

Last Updated November 22, 2020