Residency for tuition purposes is determined by the information provided on the Bellevue College admission application. Students given resident status are assessed in-state instructional fees, which are subsidized by funds from the State of Washington’s Higher Education budget. Students given non-resident status are assessed a higher level of instructional fees that more closely approximate the actual cost of instruction.


eLearning Waiver

NON-RESIDENT students enrolled in only online classes may be eligible for a tuition reduction. For more information, call Enrollment Services at (425) 564-2222 or e-mail enrollment@bellevuecollege.edu and ask about the “eLearning Waiver”.

Changing classification from Non-resident to Resident

To pay resident tuition, eligible you must be able to prove that you have met permanent residence requirements as determined by the Washington state legislature. Note: Requirements for establishing permanent residence for tuition purposes are different than those for securing a driver’s license, registering to vote and/or paying taxes.

There are two components to establishing permanent residence for tuition purposes. The first component requires 12 months continuous physical presence in the state prior to the quarter for which residency is being sought. The second component requires proof of intent to permanently reside in Washington for other than educational purposes, (WAC250-18-030).

Eligible students may apply for reclassification by completing and submitting the Residence Questionnaire, along with documentation described in the Residency Requirements Form to the residency office. Note: Completed questionnaires and all supporting documentation must be received by the 30th calendar day of the quarter for which application is made. Documentation received after the 30th calendar day will be considered for the following quarter.

You are eligible to apply for reclassification if you:

For more information, please contact the residency office at residency.office@bellevuecollege.edu or at (425) 564-4143.