Credits you previously earned at another regionally accredited college or university may transfer to Bellevue College.

The college also awards non-traditional credit for work completed in private study, military training, industry related certificates and trainings, and for certain examinations.

Complete the Transfer Credit Review process right after admission to the college. This ensures you take only the classes you need to graduate in the shortest time possible.

General Guidelines and Requirements for Transfer Credit

    • The college requires you to earn, from Bellevue College, one-third of the credits you need to graduate. This is called the Residence Requirement. Transfer credits do not count towards the Residence Requirement.
    • We accept academic credits from regionally accredited colleges or universities, and equivalently accredited foreign institutions.
    • Reviews generally take from six to twelve weeks.
  • You must complete the admission process before we review your transcripts, and you must register for your first quarter classes. We make exceptions for students applying to selective admission programs. See Transfer for Selective Admission Programs.


  • We evaluate and accept general transfer credit, but you must declare your degree or certificate program if you wish to identify the credits that apply to a specific program.
  • Official transcripts from colleges and universities may be sent to us electronically, if that option is available, to evaluations@bellevuecollege.edu They can be mailed to us in a college-sealed envelope to:  Bellevue College, ATTN: Evaluations, 3000 Landerholm Cir SE, Bellevue, WA  98007. They can be brought to Student Central in B-125 as long as it is in a college-sealed envelope.
  • You must submit course descriptions for credits earned prior to 1994.
  • We do not accept credits in which you earned less than a “D” grade or 1.0.
  • We list only the total number of credits, and the college where you earned them on your transcript. We do not list individual courses.
  • Transfer credits do not calculate into your BC cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average), but we do use your transfer credit GPA for graduation requirements.
  • We communicate with you using your official BC email address only.