The Canvas Getting Started Module

Why use a Getting Started Module? Simple: to help students engage with a course. The Getting Started Module is an entry point for students in the course--whether hybrid or online. BC Connect has developed a Getting Started Module template for Canvas courses. What is this Getting Started Module? A brief video is available on YouTube ...more about The Canvas Getting Started Module

Free, Open-Source Images

As part of his "Visual Explanations: Making ideas clear and Accessible with Images" workshops, Bruce Wolcott maintains a pretty exhaustive list of websites that provide free/Creative Commons/open source images. By popular demand, we are happy to provide a reference to Bruce's document, hosted in his OneDrive. Click here to see Bruce's list of free, open-source images: ...more about Free, Open-Source Images

Creating a YouTube Channel

With accessibility issues taking center stage in our courses, faculty are looking for the simplest, fastest way to add closed captioning to self-produced instructional videos. YouTube can both host your instructional videos and provide rudimentary closed captions. The captions will need to be edited and that will be the topic of another post. There is a ...more about Creating a YouTube Channel

Teacher Tech Tips at

Want to know how to use technology more effectively in the classroom and online? Check out Teacher Tech Tips and Teacher Tips through Bellevue College’s subscription. The host of Teacher Tech Tips, Oliver Schinkten, creates 2 to 10 minute videos showing a new tip each week. These short segments include such timely topics as ...more about Teacher Tech Tips at

App Review: Outlook app for iOS

I could not live without my iPhone. Well okay, that is an exaggeration, but I can safely say that I could not keep up with all the stuff I need to keep up with, both in my personal and professional lives, without my iPhone. Specifically, I use the iPhone's built-in iOS Calendar and Mail apps, ...more about App Review: Outlook app for iOS

On the Shelf in the Library Media Center: Journal of Diversity in Higher Education

On the Shelf in the Library Media Center: Journal of Diversity in Higher Education From our home in the Library Media Center (LMC) we in the e-Learning center have the opportunity to closely investigate the resources available to the college community within our own Bellevue College Library Media Center. The journals are on the first ...more about On the Shelf in the Library Media Center: Journal of Diversity in Higher Education

Are you new to teaching or designing hybrid or online classes?

If so, this is a great place to start! This checklist was developed by the Bellevue College eLearning Council for instructors and course designers who are teaching or building hybrid and online courses for the first time.