View Unofficial Transcript

Use one of the ctcLink options below if you took classes during or after fall quarter 2021

To view your entire unofficial transcript that includes fall quarter 2021 classes and beyond, you must login into ctcLink using your new ctcLink student ID number.

ctcLink Instructions: How to View Unofficial Transcript

Using the Mobile View (recommended):

  1. Login to ctcLink
  2. Choose Academics from the left menu
  3. Then choose Unofficial Transcript
  4. Select View PDF

Using Classic View on a Desktop or Laptop Computer:

  1. Go to the ctcLink Student Login Page.
  2. After you login choose the Academic Records tile.
  3. Select from the menu on the left, “View Unofficial Transcript.”
  4. Choose Bellevue College if applicable – you may not see this if you have not attended other ctcLink colleges.
  5. The View Report page will display.
  6. Access the Report Type drop-down list by pressing on the down arrow and select Unofficial Transcript.
  7. Select Submit in the upper-right corner of the page
  8. The unofficial transcript should display in a new window.

Use this option if you took classes before fall quarter 2021

If you attended the college prior to fall quarter 2021 only, use the link below and your original BC student ID number to access your unofficial transcript. Classes taken after summer quarter 2021 are not included if you use this link.

View Unofficial Transcript: Classes taken before Fall 2021 Only

Last Updated June 17, 2022