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IBIT Faculty & Staff

Program Chair

Sylvia Unwin
Programming languages, database theory, data warehouse, Graduation worksheet approval, course substitutions, program advising.

Program Faculty: Available for advising appointments

Kurt Friedrich
Software Development: programming, C#, ASP

Lisa Harris
Relational databases, database theory

Rudy Helm
Network Support: PC analysis and configuration, networking basics, tech support internship.

Tom Lee
Network Support: Client & server networking topics, Cisco

Sylvia Unwin
Software Development : programming, C#, C++

New Faculty


Adjunct Faculty

Ron Austin
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript.

Chan Beauvais
Database theory, introduction to programming, SQL.

Charlie Calvert
Beginning through advanced programming topics, Mobile & Cloud technologies

Agnes Figueroa
Technical support.

Debi Griggs
Relational Database: SQL, Crystal Reports, MS Access.

Art Lovestedt
Data Visualization

Robert Main
C++, C#

Linda Rumans
Business Intelligence: Advanced programming topics, SQL, multidimensional analysis, dimensional modeling, data mining.

Randal Root
Business intelligence – Data Warehouse.


Last Updated July 7, 2016