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Attention non-Washington State residents interested in enrolling in Bellevue College online classes: please see this page for important information.

First Time College Student

Students with no previous college experience who plan to earn college credit.

High School Student

Students ages 16-20. Earn college credit while still in high school or get career training.

Former BC Student

Prior BC students who are returning after four or more quarters.

Previous College Student

Students with some previous credits from another college.

International Student

Programs for non-U.S. citizens to earn college credit.

Continuing Education

Students and life-long learners seeking classes in a variety of topics

Bachelor of Applied Arts

Students seeking a bachelor's degree in Interior Design.

Bachelor of Applied Science

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree in radiation and imaging science or in healthcare technology & management.

Customized Training

Businesses looking for customized employee training.

English as a Second Language

Non-native speakers seeking Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening in English.

Adult Basic Education

Students seeking to improve basic skills in Reading, Writing, and Math.

G.E.D. Preparation

Students seeking to prepare for the General Educational Development (G.E.D.) exam.

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