The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges authorizes and the BC Board of Trustees approves waivers of tuition and fees for state-supported classes in some specific cases. These waivers do not apply to Continuing Education, contract, or self-support courses.

The state legislature may revise waivers. Currently the waivers include, but are not limited to:

1. General waivers

Children of deceased or disabled law officers and firefighters

Waives all or a portion of tuition and services and activities fees.

Athletic Waiver

Waives 25% of the operating fee of 12 credits for grant-in-aid eligible student athletes (as defined by NAACC). Students taking a combination of upper and lower division courses will need to have their waiver calculated manually. The waiver will be applied after the 50% refund period has passed.

Veteran Waiver

Waives 25% of tuition and some fees for eligible veterans or National Guard member, child and spouse of an eligible veteran or National Guard member who became totally disabled or POW/MIA .

DoD Tuition Assistance Waiver

Waives building and services & activity fees up to 18 credits a quarter for students eligible to participate in the Department of Defense (DoD) Tuition Assistance Program.

2. Waivers of non-resident differential in tuition and fees

Congressional dependents

Waives all or a portion of the non-resident differential.

Higher education employees, spouses and dependents

Waives all or a portion of the non-resident differential for those persons living in the state of Washington and employed in higher education on at least a half-time basis and for their spouse and dependent children.

U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens

Under policy 2400 Tuition and Fee Waivers, the college is allowed to waive the non-resident tuition differential or the non-resident operating fee differential (excluding building fees) for some non-resident students under the following criteria:

  • Students who have completed the residency application process and have been approved for residency within the next three quarters, or eligible students participating in co-curricular activities and registering for a related and required class for at least one quarter during the regular academic year (fall-spring).
  • Students must be US citizens or eligible non-citizens to receive this waiver.

Refugee Waiver

Waives the non-resident differential for refugees, spouses and dependent with parole status, immigrant visa, or citizenship application for full or part-time students.

Distance learners

Waives the non-resident operating fee differential, not building fee differential, for students enrolled ONLY in eLearning classes.

The eLearning waiver is limited to US citizens or eligible non-citizens taking ONLY online classes. (Note: hybrid classes are not entirely online and do not qualify for this waiver)

AFTER you have registered, email enrollment@bellevuecollege.edu and request the waiver.  Once the coding is applied, your tuition will be reduced to the waiver amount (see below).

CreditsLower-division tuition amount
Upper-division tuition amount
1-10124.85 per credit235.47 per credit
11-1855.35 per credit11.84 per credit
19+98.93 per credit208.90 per credit

State employees, veterans of Korean Conflict and National Guard

Waives all or a portion of the non-resident differential for full and part-time state employees, veterans of the Korean Conflict and National Guard members residing in the state of Washington (RCW 28B.15.588 and SSB-5189-Chapter 160 Laws of 2003)

3. Space-available waivers

Senior citizens, audit only.

** NEW: Fill out and submit this online form to request the space-available, audit-only, senior waiver.

Students 60-years or older eligible for this waiver pay $5 per course for tuition and all standard and class fees. Students who are not continuing students must also submit and admissions application and pay the admissions application fee. In order to register with this waiver students must wait until 8 am on the designated day (last business day prior to the start of the quarter) to register. Contact Enrollment Services after registration to request that the waiver be applied to your class schedule. Registration with this waiver is limited to classes with space available. Students are limited to two classes per quarter with this waiver. Please see the legislation for the rules governing eligibility for this waiver. Students using this waiver are limited to the audit (no credit/no grade) option only.

State employees

State Employees

Waives all or a portion of tuition and services and activities fee for at least half-time eligible state employees with a registration fee of $5 per class plus all fees associated with the class.

Eligibility & Regulations

  • This program is limited to permanent half-time or more state employees as defined by RCW 41.06 and 25B.15.558. To determine if you are eligible, consult your HR representative.
  • To register using the State Employees Tuition Exemption, submit the Washington State Employees Tuition Exemption Request to the Registrar at least one week prior to the beginning of each quarter.
  • State employees are limited to enrollment in a maximum of two (2) courses per quarter, not to exceed twelve (12) credits. (Effective spring quarter 2016)
  • Registration is limited to courses where space is available after 12 noon on the last business day before the quarter begins, or by instructor permission during the late registration period. Permission is at the instructor’s discretion and is not subject to appeal.
  • Adding and dropping (including adding yourself to the waitlist) of a specific class before the official start date and time of state employee waiver registration will disqualify your waiver eligibility for the specific class. (strictly enforced)
  • A registration fee of $5 per class plus all fees associated with the class will be charged (Effective spring quarter 2016). If the student is not a continuing student, an admissions application and application fee is required before the student will be able to register. All fees and charges must be paid immediately or participants will be dropped from their classes
  • Tuition is not exempted for self-support, contract or continuing education classes. Washington State Employee Tuition Exemptions only apply to state-supported classes.

Download Washington State employees tuition exemption request form [PDF]

4. Ungraded courses


Waives all of tuition for needy students who must provide documentation from organization(s) that verify student’s low income status.

Last Updated July 27, 2020