Paying for Housing

Here are some commonly asked questions about paying for BC student housing.

Student housing courtyard at Bellevue College.

For BC student residents

How do I pay for my Housing fees?

Please note that on-campus housing charges in ctcLink begin with the word Housing. Tuition for in-state residents will begin with the word Resident. This is not related to on-campus housing and is only an indicator that you are paying in-state tuition rates.

Housing fees are added to student accounts (the same place where tuition and course fees are charged) within seven (7) business days after a signed contract is returned during all quarters except fall. Fall quarter Housing fees are usually charged in batches beginning in mid-July.

Payments may be made in the following ways:

When are my Housing fees due?

Housing fees are always due in full on or before the first day of classes each quarter. If you are on the Nelnet tuition payment plan, your payment due dates will be based on that plan.

What if I am a Financial Aid recipient?

Students who are eligible to receive Financial Aid (grants, loans, etc.) will have their Financial Aid funds applied to their Housing fees only after all other tuition and fees are paid in full. Students are eligible for a set amount of Financial Aid each quarter and the cost of Housing is likely to exceed the amount received in grants alone, meaning students may still owe Housing fees out-of-pocket. Specific questions about the Financial Aid process and specific student award amounts must be directed toward the Bellevue College Financial Aid office.

Here are the steps to apply for and stay up-to-date on your Financial Aid:

  1. Apply for Financial Aid prior to the quarterly deadlines stated on the Financial Aid website.
  2. Submit all paperwork and documents required by the Financial Aid office by the deadlines they provide. Check your status on the Financial Aid portal at the Financial Aid status page.
  3. Use the online Net Price Calculator or other online tools to create a budget that helps you understand your Financial Aid award AND your expected cost of attendance.
  4. Pay close attention to your student account online. Note that when you are offered a specific room style, change your credit load, or make other changes to your student account that could change your cost of attendance, your Financial Aid eligibility might also be impacted.
  5. Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to keep your aid.  Utilize the many helpful academic support services on campus, including the Academic Success Center.

What if I am receiving Veteran benefits to help pay for Housing?

Veteran benefits often pay out on timelines that are different from tuition and Housing fees due dates. It is important to get connected with the Bellevue College Veteran’s Services office early-on to take advantage of the many benefits and support services available to you, as well as to make sure that your student account allows for those payments from the VA.

If you are expecting a VA payment that will pay towards your Housing balance, please also contact to arrange an alternate payment schedule on a quarterly basis.

Remember that withdrawing from classes or failing to meet satisfactory academic progress may impact your eligibility for VA benefits.

What if I am anticipating a scholarship, 529 plan, or a third-party payment to help pay for Housing?

Payments for Housing may be made on a student’s behalf. To apply the funds directly to Housing, it is best to pay directly through the Student Financial Services office or mail-in a payment with a letter that includes the following information:

  1. The student’s full name as it is on-record with Bellevue College.
  2. The student’s SID number.
  3. An explanation of what the payment is to be applied towards (for example, tuition, lab fees, Housing, etc.) and the amounts to be applied to each.

Students are responsible for providing all third-party payers with the exact cost of their fees. Students may print or screenshot a real-time summary of their costs online.

Please note that mail-in payments should only be sent by third party payers (not students). Students should make their payments through the Student Financial Services office or online.

Checks should be made out to Bellevue College. Payments by check can be mailed to:

Bellevue College – Finance (N258)
3000 Landerholm Circle SE
Bellevue, WA 98007

What if I need help covering the cost of Housing or if I am unhoused or housing insecure?

Bellevue College has teamed up with the United Way of King County to offer the Benefits Hub. All students at Bellevue College looking for financial assistance, including financial planning, housing assistance, food assistance, or other services, can access the Benefits Hub to get more information about available programs and eligibility requirements.

Students who are unhoused or who are experiencing an insecure Housing situation are encouraged to get connected to the Benefits Hub right away. Some students may be referred to live on-campus, others may be connected to off-campus housing resources.

What if I am behind on my Housing payments?

Students should always plan and budget carefully before entering into any contract, lease, or formal agreement. This is also true for choosing to live on-campus. While Bellevue College Housing staff will always be happy to discuss payment flexibility and options, as a state owned and operated program, Bellevue College is obligated to collect payments for Housing fees incurred.

To avoid falling too far behind on payments, consider doing the following:

  1. Pay close attention to your amount due, which can be viewed online. Detailed explanations of charges can be obtained by contacting Student Financial Services.
  2. Even if you are unable to pay your balance in-full, make payments as often and as large as you can at Student Financial Services.
  3. Contact the Housing office by emailing to see if a lower cost room option exists. If it does, Housing may be able to help coordinate a new room for you at a potentially lower cost. Costs will be prorated between the two room styles based on the date of your move.
  4. Avoid continuing to incur additional fees. If you find you are unable to pay the balance of Housing during a quarter, appeal to the Housing office by emailing to see what options exist to coordinate a move out. Moving out at the end of a quarter may help you avoid incurring fees for future quarters. Note that not all appeals are approved and the timing of a move-out matters significantly in ensuring you do not incur more fees.
  5. In emergencies, you can contact the Benefits Hub to see if you are eligible for any financial assistance.

Students who have a remaining charge on their student account for any fees, including Housing fees, may have a registration block placed on their student account which will not be removed until their balance is paid in full. Students who have a past due balance will receive an invoice from the Finance office and may, after multiple attempts to make contact via the invoicing process, be sent to a collections agency at the student’s expense.

Being sent to collections can have a negative impact on the student’s credit score and could impact their ability to make large purchases or obtain lending in the future. All efforts should be made by the student to pay off all charges prior to the collections process.

For conference/guest housing, non-BC students, and faculty/staff residents:

Invoices will be emailed to your contact email provided in your short-term Housing application. Invoices are emailed monthly and are due in-full upon receipt. Payments may be made online through the direct link in the invoice.

Please note that Financial Aid funds are not available to conference/guest housing, non-BC students, or faculty/staff residents. Non-BC students may receive Financial Aid through their home institution and apply any refunds they receive to help pay their cost of Housing at BC, but direct payments will not be made.