Apply for Loans

Learn more about student loans, which are considered a type of financial aid.

Students in scrubs lean over a campus balcony.

General Information

Students must repay student loans, but they are considered a type of financial aid. Students and their parents may apply for the following loans at Bellevue College:

For the Federal Direct Loan and the Federal Direct Parent Plus loan, In addition to the loan application, you, the student must also complete the FAFSA and submit all documents needed to complete your file.

Student Loan Advocacy & Federal Student Aid Feedback System

The Washington Student Achievement Council’s student loan advocate supports current and future student loan borrowers in Washington State.  The advocate can:

  • Address student borrower complaints
  • Provide information and resources about student loan repayment
  • Educate the public about the rights and responsibilities of student loan borrowers

Contact Information

Call 833-881-0397

The Federal Student Aid (FSA) feedback system can be used to:

  • Report an issue or complaint
  • Send a suggestion
  • Dispute a resolution
  • Report suspicious activity or an alleged scam
  • Provide positive feedback about your federal aid experience