Private Loans

Learn about private loans for paying BC tuition.

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General Information

Most banks and credit unions offer private student loans. Private loans are credit based and usually cost more in interest and fees than the Federal Student Direct Loan program. It’s always best to first apply for financial aid before you seek out private and often costly loans.

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Financial Tip

Private loans are credit-based and usually cost more than loans available from the federal government under the Federal Direct Student Loan program.

Apply for a Federal Direct Student Loan

If you do decide to apply for a private student loan, you’ll need to contact your bank, credit union, or other financial institution to determine what is required to apply. You can expect your bank or other financial institution to contact us to verify that you are a student and the Cost of Attendance (COA) at Bellevue College. Once your loan is approved, your lender notifies our office. You can then contact us to obtain the current processing and disbursement timeline. It normally takes about 90 days before funds are available to you.

Watch for the final disclosure statement from your lender, which gives you information on how to cancel your loan and provides updated cost information. Your lender will send the funds either to you or to our office to disburse to you – this is dependent on the type of loan you receive.