Financial Aid Portal

After completing your FAFSA or WASFA, check the latest information and status of your financial aid application.

Beginning with the 2022-23 academic year, check your financial aid status by logging in to your ctcLink Student Homepage. Click the “Tasks” tile for any checklist items that may require further action. Financial aid offers of award are viewed in the Financial Aid Tile once your file is reviewed and packaged.

Financial aid information for the 2021-22 academic year and earlier can be checked by logging in to the BC Financial Aid Portal.  This portal is available to you anytime, 24/7.

Log-in tip: If your BC PIN begins with a zero, don’t include the zero when logging in. The portal cannot handle PINS with leading zeros.

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Financial Aid Portal Login >>

Avoid using Google Chrome as your internet browser

How to log in:

  • Use your social security number or WASFA ID number as your user name.
  • Use your BC PIN (same one you use for Online Services) as your password.

Important things to look for

File completed

Getting a “file completed” status means all required paperwork has been received by our office and your application is ready for review. It’s important you check your financial aid status regularly.  If your application completion date is later than the current quarter’s class registration deadline(s), you are responsible for paying your tuition. The financial aid office cannot defer your tuition if your application completion date is later than the college’s class registration deadline.

Application has been reviewed

Once your application file is completely processed, the amount of your financial aid offer can be located in the Financial Aid tile in ctcLink (or under “awards” in the FA portal for 2021-22 and prior years)

Information we need from you

Once your application has been reviewed, before it’s completely processed, it’s possible we may need more information from you.  Check the “tasks” section of your ctcLink Student Homepage or, for prior to 2022-23 check the section of the portal labeled, Information Needed. Any additional items of information we still need from you should be listed here. Provide the Financial Aid office with the requested information as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so.  Once the information is received and/or processed, you should see a confirmation date next to each item showing that the item was received.  If you haven’t turned in the requested information listed here, please turn in hard copies of this information to the Financial Aid office as soon as possible.

Offer notification

When financial aid is offered to you, you should find a notification confirming your offer under the Financial Aid tile in ctcLink or in the Award section of the portal (for offers 2021-22 or earlier).

Can I drop or add classes despite the deferment?

A deferment does not prevent you from dropping or adding classes. If you decide you not to attend a quarter, please drop your classes as soon as possible. Other students can then register for those classes.

Last Updated May 3, 2022